# Work with me

I have a passion to support individuals/learners to solve their unique challenges by leveraging their data and applying advanced machine learning.

# Let me help you with

# Hands on teaching

  • Learn how to solve your problems with code, the individual chooses what needs to be discussed/taught.
  • I will do sessions generally using Zoom/Google Meet and some form of screen sharing.

# Consulting

  • General help with finding the right solutions to your problems.

# Career Advice

  • Know where to start your learning process
  • Get insights into the Data Science industry.

# I like to work on

  • Machine Learning research problems
  • Natural language processing using Deep Learning as well as traditional algorithms
  • Prototyping, evaluating, and productionizing machine learning solutions
  • Setup of data infrastructure and data pipelines
  • Explainable AI

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